Our goal is to improve the performance of our customers‘ IT by optimizing the design of processes and structures, thus optimizing the benefit of IT in its contribution to value creation.

Thereby we start at the interface between the business units and the IT of a company. On the business side, we help to define the business requirements of the IT and we help the IT to interpret them correctly, to operate them and to organize itself in the best possible way.

We advise our customers in the analysis, documentation, modelling and optimisation of their IT processes and their IT organisation. In addition, we help them to recognise and implement automation potentials.

In addition to our methodical competencies, we bring a broad spectrum of practical experience of our consultants to the projects.

Our Services

  • Recording and documentation of business requirements at the IT
  • Recording and documentation of processes
  • Analyse and rate of status quo processes
  • To identify optimizing and automatization potential
  • Definition and modelling of HAVE TO processes
  • Implementig processes
  • Definition and launch of quality arrangements
  • Execution of quality saving and optimizing