binary ERP addon

The binary ERP Addon (BSA) is a valuable addition to a well-known ERP software and allows a granular hours and expense recording over the familiar articles.

An intuitive and easy-to-use HTML5 based interface enables project-based hours and expense tracking from anywhere.

The following features distinguish BSA:

  • Role-based and Active Directory-based security concept
  • Project and target/actual hour overview via central dashboard
  • Display employees’ billability
  • Assignment of employees per project and article incl. visibility control
  • Configuration of bookable articles per project
  • Hourly evaluation by means of excel-formatted reports
  • Expense recording on a flat-rate and effective basis
  • Predefined holiday calendar
  • HTML 5 based (without Flash and Silverlight components)
  • Digital controlling workflow for hourly rate control and adaptation

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