MobileIron Service Portal

Mobile Iron Service Portal, short MISP, was developed by binary AG as an additional solution for the product MobileIron and is supposed to close the gap which “Atlas” leaves behind. MISP is used to create profiles for different mobile devices, to assign devices to different groups, to manage them and to create statistics. By configuring profiles and using AD-based authorization groups, service quality can be improved and operating errors avoided.

The slim, attractive design results in easy handling of all the devices you use in your company. You can also use the already inserted “Help Agent” to provide support for the employees’ devices if they have a problem with their mobile device. However, the user does not have to contact the support for the smallest problem, since MISP also has a self-service area. There the user can reset the lock code for his device or register it again on the server. Statistics can also be collected, e.g. if you want to know how many devices have been registered in this month or similar.

You can also easily create, manage and edit your certificates, such as Exchange certificates, in the MISP.

Features Overview

  • Easy profile management with pre-defined profiles
  • Standardized processes and workflows
  • Bulk Import for Device registration
  • Rights Management in MISP over Active Directory
  • Certificate management and deployment
  • User Self Service Portal, incl. Passcode Reset
  • Analyze and Reporting
  • Multiple MI Server connection
  • Migration support for MI Server
  • Replacement of Atlas component
  • Multi-Languiage HTML5 Console
  • Customer specific functional extensions

MISP Gallery

MISP Basics

In dieser Sektion werden die Grundfunktionen von MISP vorgestellt.

MISP Admin

In dieser Sektion werden die Adminfunktionen von MISP vorgestellt.