Building your Future 4.0 – Cloudbuilder

The advantage of solutions with a modular approach is easy to guess: The part of the solution that is needed for your own company is selected. So you don’t have a compromise to make.


New technologies always bring with them new professions. And new know-how and competencies. We see ourselves as cloudbuilders who can help you create your hybrid cloud with their new know-how and skills.

What does the cloud mean for companies:

Any App
Any Time
Any Cloud
Any Where
Any Hypervisor
One Infrastructure
Manage Once/Use Many
Managed Virtual Platform

But Cloud isn’t just Cloud. Many companies shy away from taking the step into the public Cloud (Microsoft Azure, etc.). We accompany you in this step and support you in choosing what should remain in your cloud (also called private Cloud) and what can migrate into the public cloud. Or how you can provide your employees with the optimal, mobile workplace in the public cloud.

What the Cloud can be used for:

  • Private Cloud for all Classified Data
  • Public Cloud for all Non-Classified Data
  • Hybrid Cloud for the Best of all Worlds
  • Any Hypervisor for Seamless Live Migration