Building your Future 4.0 – HCI

The advantage of solutions with a modular approach is easy to guess: The part of the solution that is needed for the own company is selected. So you don’t have a compromise to make.


HCI, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, is often associated with an invisible infrastructure. This is no accident: Nutanix, our partner and market leader in Hyper Converged Infrastructure, shows why. With this product, entire server farms are reduced in size so that the data center has space in a “box” and thus only requires a quarter of the space. And so the infrastructure, which previously filled out an entire data center, is invisible to the normal user.
In general, Nutanix today sees itself as an Enterprise Cloud OS provider that produces software. This allows a so-called Multi Cloud Management and any shift from private to public and back.

The benefits of a Hyper Converged Infrastructure:

  • DataCenter-In-A-Box
  • One OS for all
  • Cost Reduction/Simplified IT
  • Any Workload (CAx, VDI, SAP…)
  • Acropolis Hypervisor
  • Invisible Infrastructure