Every company knows the change, the transformation. We at binary AG have also changed several times.
The cloud, but also IT in general, is currently undergoing change. The question arises, how do I do business successfully in times of the cloud? How can my company keep pace with the competition or even be a decisive step ahead?

Digital transformation – the step into the future

We have addressed this question and developed a method that adapts to your needs and plans. Our solutions and the services they contain can intervene in every area of your business, improve it and, most importantly, make it fit for the future! With Building your Future 4.0, you and your company are ready for the digital stumbling blocks!

  • Coaching: Projects for your digital transformation
  • Process analysis and automation: Implementation of ITSM and managed services
  • Cloudbuilder: Your Enterprise Cloud, which combines the Private Cloud and Public Cloud
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Structure of the DataCenter-In-a-Box
  • XaaS: Every application as a service

Methodology binary