System Engineering

Systems are becoming more and more complex – and yet simpler for the user! The new developments become more and more demanding, as the customer’s requirements increase more and more. In order to enable these interdisciplinary developments at all in an acceptable time, it is important to keep the overview. This is exactly the purpose of our Systems Engineering organizational unit.

It is important that the development of large and small systems can lead to new system information and that this information is not lost for later developments. We are happy to support you:

  • Systems which are maintainable and professionally formed
  • The ability to use the implementation of quality products and solutions
  • To ensure a sustainable maintainability
  • Create visionary concepts
  • To use the innovations which will be profitable in the future

Strategy consulting at Client Lifecycle Management

  • Actual state analysis
  • Modernization / optimization
  • Developing of methods
  • Developing of strategy architecture
  • Developing of quality standards

Planning, Implementation and activation of technical solutions

  • Client Management Infrastructures
  • Mobile Device Management Infrastructures
  • Client Architectures / Client Builds in physical and virtual environment
  • Virtual Infrastructures (Client and Datacenter)

Software Packaging

  • Planning, Implementation and activated Software packaging
  • Run of an own Package Factory
  • Quality management and Process support with selfmade software solutions