Client Lifecycle Management

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) aims to manage systems over their entire lifecycle. CLM includes system administration as well as security, asset management and service management. The more complex the environment, the more demanding Client Lifecycle Management is. In the CLM environment, binary supports its customers:

  • NOW Analysis
  • Modernisation / Optimisation
  • Development of a method
  • Development of target architecture
  • Development quality standards

As a partner of the software manufacturer Ivanti, binary has been relying on their solutions for years. binary has certified consultants and system engineers with many years of experience in planning, implementing and operating Ivanti solutions to support Client Lifecycle Management.

binary has also developed its own Service Console (ISC), which automates processes using the OS Deployment tool of the Ivanti UEM Suite and provides finer tuning options in the area of access to the Ivanti system.