MISP (MobileIron Service Portal)

MISP is a console for MobileIron developed by binary AG. The aim of our development was to facilitate the daily work of the IT administrators.

With this console we make it possible for untrained employees to register mobile devices in MobileIron themselves without having to have access to the MobileIron application. This has the advantage that IT administrators don’t have to struggle with every device and still employees are not granted access to the system.

It is up to the administrators to decide whether the different employees are granted authorizations, for example to reset their devices. The rights system in MISP is disconnected from MobileIron and does not have to be set globally for all users, but can be applied per user as required.

MISP includes:

  • Register four different types of devices
  • Anbindung des Active Directory
  • Add new registered Device Labels
  • Assign of Bulk Import wit automated Labels