MobileIron offers a wide range of mobile solutions. MobileIron makes it easy to manage a company’s mobile devices. It allows end users to bring their own devices with them without the need to worry about security issues. MobileIron has evolved its technology to enable IT administrators to manage private devices without compromising the user’s privacy.

MobileIron allows the management of mobile devices with the following operating systems: iOS, Android and Blackberry. MobileIron has the following features:

  • Definition of registrations
  • Integrierte Zertifizierungen
  • Configuration of E-Mails, Wi-Fi and VPN
  • Support private devices (Bring your own Device)
  • Configure the settings of all applications
  • Registrating of the functionality from every app
  • User management
  • Provision of mobile devices
  • Reboot devices

…and much more.