Package Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Clean and fully functional packaged software is of great importance for companies. Since the cost pressure in this area is very high, it is important that the packager and the packaging software used achieve the best results in terms of quality. binary has established itself strongly in the areas of Microsoft Software Installer (MSI) and virtualization and is one of the leading companies in Switzerland in this area. With the binaryOptimizer Suite- PLM (bOS-PLM) binary offers a unique product for the package lifecycle management, which was developed inhouse and with which packages can be easily administered and standardized.

In Packages we offer the following services:

  • Creating MSI Packages according to corporate policy from or at your location
  • Creating virtual Packages in our office or at your location
  • Creating specific Packaging Guidelines for Virtual and MSI Packages
  • The MSI Conducting trainings (Basic and Advanced)