Hyperconverged Infrastructure

If you are looking for a good argument to justify the switch to virtual infrastructure, then you have it now: costs.

The costs for companies are significantly reduced because there is a lot of potential for savings in the areas of operation, maintenance, installation and electricity bills.

Virtual Datacenter

  • Converged data center (storage, compute, network in one device)
  • Modular and dynamic concept that grows with you and your tasks
  • Cost savings through massively simpler architecture
  • Unified management from a single console

Virtual Clients (VDI)

  • Zero Clients as a simple and inexpensive solution for accessing VDI
  • Layer-based clients that simplify management
  • Personalization of the desktops so that no settings are lost
  • Unified patch management via a single golden image for all client types
  • Accessible from all devices (PC, tablet, notebook, smartphone)

Virtual Server

  • Windows 2016 is specially optimized for virtual use
  • Simple management services delivery for customers
  • All servers are unified under one management