Modularization of IT Products

  • Goal: Optimize/Stabilize operating business
  • Creation of a central Toolset to manage the Portfolio, the Development and the Lifecycle Management of IT Products and IT-Services
  • Developing of Methodic, Process and Consulting
  • Tool developing

Mobile Device Management

  • Technical implementation of a „Bring-Your-Own-Device“ Policy
  • Developing of individual Add-Ons and Management Consoles to implement and manage private and also business devices.

Package Lifecycle Management

  • Implementation of our self developed binaryOptimizer Tool to automate the MSI packaging

Finance & Insurance

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Installation and Proof of Concept of your VDI Environment (VDI Smackdown)
  • VDI Evaluation Coaching

MSI Engineering One Client

  • MSI Trainings Basic and Advanced
  • MSI Know-How Subscription
  • MSI Support

Implementation binaryOptimizer

  • Installing of our MSI Management Tool to minimize the risks in MSI Packages
  • Toolbased Creation of MSI quality reports for IT-Admins
  • Establish and Securing of MSI Workflows
  • Quality Protection and Compliance Processes for Outsourced MSI Factories

Education, Sience & Culture

Client Lifecycle Management

  • Implementation of IT Management Suites
  • Strategy Consultancy by restructuring of the IT-Services
  • Realisation of Trainings

IT Service Management

  • Proof of Concept and Evaluation Coaching
  • Process entry and creating of Documentations
  • Configuration and Customizing of ITSM according to the Requirements
  • Individual Developing of a Console and Add-Ons to improve Usability and Handling

Installing Virtual Datacenter incl. VDI

  • Installing and establish an agile Infrastructure (Private Cloud)
  • Creating a Service Catalogue
  • Provisioning of VDI Desktops, Applicationen and Updates as Managed Services
  • Managing of the Server Infrastruktur
  • User Support according to SLA
  • Installation of a Platform for all external Users


Package Lifecycle Management

  • Creating and repackaging of MSI-Packages
  • Quality control and error analysis with our self developed binaryOptimizer Tool
  • Establish of Quality saving Processes at Software Packaging
  • Developing of self-repair Functions in the binaryOptimizer Tool for Quality Management of the MSI Packages and conduct the Corporate Compliance

Client Lifecycle Management

  • Installation, Organize and Maintenance of LANDESK Environments
  • User Profile Management to handle the Migrationprojects easier
  • Support by Restructuring of IT-SErvices
  • Installation of a toolbased Releasemanagement

Remodeling data center

  • Planing of Conversion and Merging of Datacenters within the European Union and Switzerland
  • Projectmanagement by moving a Data Center

Healthcare & Lifescience

Client Management Full Implementation

  • Detailed situation analysis
  • Technical Design and Architecture of Solutions and Creating PoC
  • Data Migration
  • Testing and Go Live
  • Training of inhouse Workers
  • Post Go Live Support
  • Ongoing Project and Communication Management

Backup Management

  • Installation/Configuration of Backup Appliance for physical and virtual Server
  • Disaster Recovery

VDI Management

  • Implementation of a VDI environment for an easy client and application management. This guarantee a techincal and financial certainty over 6 years
  • Promotion of the Userfeelings

IT Services

Installation of a VDI environment

  • Design and Architecutre of a VDI environment
  • Implementation of a VDI-Infrastructure. This Solution is used for Trainingrooms with managed Desktops, which are based on VMware and Zero Clients

VDI Private Cloud

  • Installation of a 100% virtual environment
  • Architecture of the Solution (incl. Hardware and Software provisioning)
  • Implementation of Desktop Management and configure the OS
  • binary Enterprise Support (Incident Management)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

Package Lifecycle Management

  • MSI Quality Service Analyse by SaaS
  • MSI Package Engineering
  • MSI Support, Consulting and creating of Package Guidelines
  • Implementation of Corporate Standards and Naming Convention in MSI
  • MSI Training
  • Structure of Packaging Infrastructure (Factory) by binaryOptimizer PLM Suite

Server- & Datamigration

  • Hardware provisioning, assembling and upgrading
  • Installation Basic Systems (Server, Exchange, Restore Point)
  • Network Establishment
  • BackUp and Disaster Recovery
  • Datamigration with a new FileShare Concept

Manufacturing & Engineering

Upgrade Client Management

  • Reorganisation von Struktur des Client Builds
  • Controlling of Rollouts
  • Individual Developing and adoption of an operation console to improve the Client Management

IT Service Management

  • Implementation of IT-Service and Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Consolidation of Patch Management, SW Meetering and Licensing
  • Support by validation of Client Management Systems, Evaluation Coaching

MSI Trainings (Basic & Advanced)

  • Execute MSI-Trainings
  • Hands- On MSI : Fitted Workshops with Package Manager and Engineers

Media & Communication

Workstream Client

  • Project and Desgin of New Collaboration Workplace
  • Showcase and Integrationstesting
  • New Workstream Client Definition
  • Modular Implementation of Softwaredistribution and Asset Management

Off-Site MSI Package Creation

  • Definition of MSI Factory Prerequirements
  • Creating MSI POS (Package Ordering Sheet), which describe the Installation and Configuration of the SW-Applications
  • Creting MSI PCS (Package Creation Sheet), which explain the creating process detailed
  • MSI Creating Packages
  • MSI Know-How Transfer by „Training on the Job“


New Solution at Client Management

  • Projectsetup to change the Provider at Lifecyle Management
  • Internal Trainings of Users (Tools and Processes)
  • Installation and Assistence of Test and Training environments (Green Field)
  • Supporting in Transition Phase

MSI Coaching

  • Inhouse MSI- Training for Engineers
  • Installation of an internal MSI Engineering Department
  • Implementation of binaryOptimizer to save quality and create Reportings

Evaluation of a Remote KVM Solution

  • Finding Solutions and conception (PoC) to controll the clients at BIOS level
  • Implementation and supporting at Pilot Roll-Out

Einführung ERP-Systems (MS Dynamics NAV)

  • Rapid Implementation like MS Sure Step Methodology
  • Process documentation
  • Introiduction IKS

Truck & Bus

Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Methodical Project and Programmanagement Consulting
  • Coordinate the development and Implementation. Moreover structure the Method as well as Tools at the Project Management Environment
  • Board organisation and Management Reporting for TOP Projecte

Strategy Guidance

  • Designing of Strategys and Solutions of the Organisation
  • Designing of approaches to define the model of service
  • Support by define and structure IT-Services

Projectcrisis Management

  • Developing, Implementation and Controlling of Arrangements to stablise projects

Transport and logistics

Concept and Projectinitialising of mobile Enddevice Groundhandling

  • Creating of a Concept for groundhandling of mobile Enddevices
  • Creating a strategy for the orientation of Services